Launch of the fifth self-service point at GGNet

Een maand geleden is ook op de vijfde locatie een selfservicepunt (aanmeldzuil) bij GGNet in gebruik genomen.

The reason for implementing the self-service points was the challenge of reducing the financial pressure within the mental health care organization. To do this, it was important to organize the processes in the organization more efficiently. GGNet wants to move forward, innovate and improve. This makes it necessary to look for innovative solutions.  


The search for suitable partners has had a long run-up period for GGNet, partly because the link with a previous EPD turned out to be impossible. After the transition to another system, more was possible. This resulted in some visits to other institutions that were already using the Logis.P solution. 


More efficient use of time and data control

From the start of the process, Logis.P advised how best to deploy the self-service concept and how the registration terminals can support GGNet as efficiently as possible. For GGNet, the greatest advantage of working with the registration kiosks lies in the more efficient use of the practitioners' time. As soon as the patient registers at a service point, a digital notification is sent to indicate that the patient is present. A therapist no longer has to walk back and forth to see if the client is already in the waiting room. The kiosk not only ensures that the practitioner is informed of the presence of the client. The system also performs a number of checks when logging in. If the client logs in with his/her ID, all personal data is immediately checked and checked whether it is still up-to-date. In this way, the client data in the EHR is always of constant quality. 


GGNet and Logis.P: A future-proof partnership

The choice for the partnership with Logis.P appears to be the right and future-proof choice. Not only was the cooperation between GGNet and Logis.P satisfactory during the implementation. Together, we thought about how certain problems could be tackled and how maximum return could be obtained from the service points. After this realization, the next process is already in the pipeline. In September we will start the migration to the Universe platform so that GGNet can continue to make optimal use of Patient Flow Management solutions in the new Azure environment.


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