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We are truly convinced that organizations are more successful through digitalization and deployment of self-service solutions. It enables clients (visitors, customers, patients and/or citizens) to have more influence over service processes themselves. This increases the service capacity, flexibility and efficiency of the organization.
As a result of our expertise and broad experience in implementing customer flow management and self-service solutions, we guide organizations in the successful realization of customer flow management and self-service projects. Our customers appreciate us for our ‘can-do’ mentality.
Logis.P provides full-service solutions for self-service and hospitality. From state of the art software to reliable hardware and from consulting and implementation services to integration with existing source applications. Finally, we take away the burden from our customers via hosting and maintenance with our service and maintenance subscription plans, both on premise as well as remote
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Logis.P has been successfully developing and implementing self-service and hospitality applications for more than 10 years. This experience and the continuous development of new, innovative solutions have led to Logis.P being regarded as a ‘thought leader’ in the market. Long-term relationships with customers and partners are a core value for us.
An additional guarantee for the quality and reliability of our services is the ISO certification of the information security management system.

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