Patient Flow Management

Improved patient experience and efficiency

Optimize the patient journey with Logis.P Patient Flow Management

More than 10 years ago, Logis.P became the founder of self-service & hospitality in the healthcare sector with the introduction of registration kiosks in hospitals. And today, Logis.P is still a trend-setter when it comes to solutions that contribute to both a welcoming reception and better information provision to the patient, while at the same time increasing the efficiency within the healthcare institution. We provide a wide range of solutions that support various registration- and check-in scenarios in a flexible and efficient way. By using ID scanners in the process, various checks can be carried out immediately, resulting in considerable savings on administrative processes.

For example, Logis.P offers concepts to support check-in processes through both centralized- and/or decentralized kiosks. Do you prefer to use mobile devices? It can be done with the native InDoor app, or with the advanced Logis.P concept of the Personal Visit Page. A solution based on a mobile website that allows patients to track relevant information about their appointment on their smartphone, without the need to download an app.
The Patient Flow Management applications are successfully deployed across all healthcare sectors. Not only hospitals, but also mental health care institutions and rehabilitation centers benefit from increased patient services at lower costs.

Market leading position

Logis.P holds a market leading position in the Patient Flow Management domain in the Netherlands. The Logis.P applications are also being used successfully in other countries throughout Europe (e.g. Belgium, Germany and Austria). Logis.P owes this leading role in the industry to the trend-setting solutions and the continuous development of the portfolio in order to permanently optimize the Patient Journey.
A typical example of this innovation is the module to inform patients at the Emergency Department about their stay in the emergency department. The advantages of using Logis.P’s Patient Flow Management applications are proven for your patients as well as for the organization and include, among other things:

  • Guarantees flexibility, no dependency on HIS/EMR supplier
  • Better informed patients, reduced number of no-shows
  • Hospitable reception incl. insurance checks, reduced waiting times
  • Patient centric, increased capacity usage
  • Less stress, patient in time at the right outpatient clinic
  • Insight to continuously optimize processes

The Logis.P Patient Flow Management concept offer maximal flexibility. Logis.P has realized more than 280 different interfaces. This ensures that choosing the Logis.P concept is a future-proof investment. When migrating to another HIS, EMR and/or calendar system, you can continue to use the Logis.P Patient Flow Management solution. The Logis.P PFM solution can integrate with several HIS- or calendar systems on one single kiosk. Useful when certain clinics (e.g. radiology or rehabilitation) use a different HIS system. Listed below is an impression of HIS/EMR systems to which the integration has already been made.

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