Customer flow management and digitization solutions

Efficient self service and digitization solutions for municipalities

State-of-the-art customer-oriented services, in accordance with guidelines of the national government. It’s possible with the flexible customer flow management solutions from Logis.P!

Logis.P customer flow management solutions for municipalities can be deployed for digital visitor management, registering for appointments and handling tasks at departments such as Civil- and Social affairs. For example, for citizens who register in the municipality, apply for a passport, renew a driving license, obtain an extract or a certificate of behavior. The Logis.P applications can be easily integrated with your planning- and calender system, enabling civilians to also plan their appointments on-line.

Self-service can also contribute to the optimization of processes by submitting evidence documents in the social domain, e.g. when obtaining social benefits, various allowances or support in case of debts. Citizens identify themselves at the kiosk with their ID document and scan documents and forms themselves at the scanner in the kiosk. All documents are transferred digitally (as PDF/A) to the correct record in the back-office. The submitter also receives a confirmation of the submitted documents as proof.


The applications are based on the self-service concept. These welcoming, digital solutions increase efficiency and are easy to use for both employees as well as visitors. Taking over the relatively labor-intensive tasks of receiving, processing and handing in the documents leads to a considerable reduction in the workload of both desk clerks as well as back office staff. In addition, the system minimizes the waiting time, which leads to higher satisfaction among citizens. The advantages of Logis.P customer flow management and digitalization at a glance:

  • Shorter waiting times for citizens
  • Targeted approach with more ease for citizens and visitors

  • More efficient working methods; faster and more accurate

  • Increased security and safer work due to identity checks
  • Cost savings thanks to digitization of desk related and administrative tasks

  • Management reports on customer flow management processes enable improvements to be made

Customer flow guidance also optimizes the customer flows of citizens that walk in without an appointment. They select the desired product or reason for their visit at the kiosk. If an employee is required to deliver the product or to complete the request, the queue management system reserves the necessary time for this. It automatically places the visitors in the right queue, directs them to the right waiting area and issues a ticket with a sequential number.
Waiting people are called in via screens, where also the actual waiting time can o be displayed if required. This is based on the planning, actual crowding and available staff/capacity per product group. Because the citizens identity document has already been checked at the kiosk with either the ID scanner or by means of facial recognition, the desk clerk knows in advance who will appear at the appointment. This facilitates the personalized approach and welcoming of citizens. Logis.P customer flow management optimizes the flow and also facilitates additional processes such as debit/credit card payments, document printing or InDoor Wayfinding to the right department or counter. As a municipality, you can increase hispitality, offer visitors more convenience and reduce administrative tasks and decrease the number of counters. In short, a win-win situation!

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