Avoid rejected healthcare claims and save time with CassControl

  • Effective addition to your existing claims process
  • Perform targeted checks in batches, as well as real-time
  • Transparent reports to correct more efficiently
  • The need in healthcare to control costs and work more efficiently is well known.
    Logis.P not only provides solutions to optimise patient flow management processes, but also ensures a more efficient claims process and therefor enabling end-to-end optimization!

    We offer the completely renewed CassControl application for this purpose. This application (previously also known as Event Insurance) offers the possibility to perform batch or real-time checks via HL7 at SBV-Z or VECOZO. The results can be fed back to the source system of your laboratory- or healthcare institution. These source systems are usually the Laboratory Information Management System (LIS), Hospital Information System (HIS) or other Patient or Client registration systems.

    CassControl is a flexible application that can be deployed and used in different ways. In this way, the control mechanisms connect seamlessly and add value to the existing process. When performing checks in CassControl, all results are logged and presented in practical log files and overviews. This makes it immediately clear where corrections are needed.


    This offers employees the information needed to correct the dropped out persons/cases. When checks are done on behalf of other departments or units, the results -including the cases to be adjusted- can easily be exported or shared with the relevant department or stakeholders.

    Alternatively, the corrected data can be fed back digitally to the source system. This can be done both via standard HL7 links and with the Logis.P Integration API that is also available for CassControl.

    By the end of 2023, the CassControl application was completely redesigned and incorporated into the modern Logis.P Universe platform. This allows for maximum efficiency in the entire digital patient journey. In addition, CassControl can still be deployed as a stand-alone solution within your environment. It also can be integrated as OEM solution for other software vendors do help deliver efficient workflows and checks.


    The added value of CassControl is that it goes beyond the functionalities that traditional EHR-and LIS systems usually offer. Specifically in terms of batch processing, specific checks and keeping history and logging of results, among other things. The result: fewer rejected care claims returned and significant time savings on sorting out incorrect or incomplete claims.

    Characteristics and
    benefits CassControl:

    For whom?


    For laboratories, correct, up-to-date insurance data are of great value in the billing process. But having up-to-date and correct financial- and insurance data is also important in interim forecasting.

    Within laboratories, CassControl is used both via batches and with HL7 links, depending on the source system. CassControl performs the specified checks and a dropout list is generated with transparent feedback on the checks that failed. These can then be manually checked and targeted for further investigation.
    Once the cause is found, the data can either be adjusted in CassControl and then returned, or it can be adjusted directly in the source systems. The preferred working process in the laboratory determines the choice to optimize the process.

    Additionally, we also support specific billing files for laboratories to process the data directly.

    Hospitals, mental health institutions and rehabilitation centers

    At these institutions, CassControl is mainly used to check name and address details, but also insurance details via SBV-Z.

    The procedure is usually via an HL7 link on change of data in the Hospital- or Client information system, or at a recent appointment. CassControl then does the checks and a dropout list is generated listing the checks that failed. These can be checked manually and investigated further. If the cause is found, necessary adjustments can be made in CassControl and sent back to the source system, or it can be adjusted directly in the source system.

    Also in these institutions, the preferred work process is the starting point for choosing the optimal setup and integrations within CassControl.

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