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Optimize your (digital) patient journey from A to Z!

The (digital) patient journey consists of several steps. With Logis.P's modular solutions, you ensure an optimal patient journey; both for visits to the hospital and for online and telephone appointments. The patient is clearly informed before-, and during the visit, even when changes or delays occur. Because the administrative process is also supported by smart technology, you are guaranteed higher efficiency and conclusive registration:  

All functionalities are bundled in Logis.P Universe, a modern and highly flexible software platform. It supports all steps in the 'patient journey' and offers a suitable solution for every organisation.

Optimized Patient Journey

Overview of our solutions


Smart integrations and optimal preparation

The patient journey begins with making an appointment.. This can be done in many ways and through different systems. If the patient knows in advance where to go and what preparation is needed, satisfaction increases. Integration with source systems and use of Smart Visit or appointment reminders via SMS, e-mail or BeterDichtbij ensure a well-informed patient and reduce the number of no-shows.


Route information and intelligent call system

An often-forgotten component of the visitor’s journey is the physical travel by bicycle, car or public transport to the location, the arrival. The better the information about travel and/or parking on site, the less stressful the visit starts. An intelligent SMS call system allows the influx of visitors to be controlled before arrival. Triage questions in Smart Visit or at the selfservice kiosk can be used to check whether patients or visitors may be at risk (e.g. MRSA) if required.


Efficient registration and precise check-in

With clear information upfront, patients know where to register or check in. This can be done using a selfservice kiosk (check-in kiosk), mobile device or via a service desk if support by an employee is desired. In all cases, data can be checked and, where necessary, supplemented and exchanged with the source systems. Then, via a day ticket or mobile device, the patient receives all the necessary information to continue the correct route through the hospital.


Good information provision to relieve waiting stress

Once the patient or visitor enters the waiting area the patient also registers decentrally via a kiosk or tablet device. The patient receives confirmation whether he/she is in the right outpatient clinic or department and the practioner is informed that the patient has arrived. Possible impatience or nerves from waiting are contained by displaying information about the expected waiting time via narrowcasting screens. With the acquisition of Promed Audiovisual, Logis,P also provides a total solution for narrowcasting hardware and software. When it is a patient's turn, the practitioner can either collect the patient from the waiting room himself or easily call them up via the narrowcasting or information displays.


Multiple appointments and minimised waiting times

The patient or visitor will usually return home after the appointment and the required management information can be collected internally. It also routinely happens that more than one appointment is scheduled on any given day or patients are referred to other specialists or functional visits (e.g. blood tests and radiology). It is possible to determine the order of the appointments such as to reduce the waiting times and take follow-up appointments into consideration.

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